Sigex joined the PTLC Business Incubation program in December 2012 and was an incubatee until December 2017. After moving to its next stage of development, it currently sets up in the ICTs Office Building at the pre-established business sector.

Sigex – which in Spanish stands for fire extinguisher management and maintenance business software – specializes in ICTs and its entrepreneurial team includes highly experienced IT engineers who devise industrial security solutions.

Such industrial security solutions include: 1) fire extinguisher maintenance business software, and 2) a comprehensive system for the management of fixed fire-extinguishing installations, as per standard IRAM 3546.

This tool enables industrial safety companies to fulfill different tasks from assessing data by means of a tablet and automatically generating budgets to managing administrative information. It also provides online reports ― on a per-company basis ― on fixed fire-extinguishing installations maintenance, and expiration of license, permit and certificate validity.

As a complementary service, Sigex’s entrepreneurs develop and commercialize software for fire extinguisher recharge companies, medical scheduling and medical records software, and management software for aerial and terrestrial crop dusting companies.