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Parque Tecnológico Litoral Centro

Our Institution

Always in pursuit of continuous innovation

Parque Tecnológico del Litoral Centro ― PTLC ― is an integral part of an urban ecosystem where the industry, the government, and the science and technology sectors partner to support the growth of highly innovative technology-based companies.

PTLC is the conduit that connects the academic, scientific and technological sectors in Santa Fe, to private and public, leading and emerging companies and organizations. It fosters cutting-edge innovation to advance new technology development and create more job opportunities.


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Infrastructure at the service of development

Entrepreneurs and businesspeople have access to services and building infrastructure especially designed to advance and encourage technology innovation..

Pre-incubation sector: Modular office accommodation with office furniture, PCs with internet connection, phone landline system, high-tech equipment and multimedia meeting rooms.

Business Incubation sector:Fully equipped with 5 laboratories, 3 PC rooms and 8 offices that may serve the needs of different ventures simultaneously. There is also a meeting room with state-of-the-art multimedia technology.

Pre-established business sector: Modular building structures where entrepreneurs can build the facilities (offices, laboratories, changing rooms, etc.) that best serve the economic and functional needs of their projects.

Office building: Office units specially equipped for ICT Companies. Shared services.

Established-business sector: plots of land where companies can build their facilities.

Our History

2001- S.A.P.E.M. is created

In 2001, CONICET ― the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina ― donated some land to PTLC and there was created a partnership called S.A.P.E.M., in which the state is the major shareholder. S.A.P.E.M. is responsible for managing the pre-incubation sector and administering the plots of lands for the setting-up of business units in the PLTC.

Our History

2002- PTLC is registered

On August 22nd 2002, S.A.P.E.M. was registered in the official Business and Company Register.

Our History

Board of Directors’ Chairmen

2002-2004 Dr. Ricardo Grau was the first Chairman of the PTLC’s Board of Directors 2004- 2010 Dr. Alberto Cassano 2010-2018 Dr. Enrique Mammarella 2018- to date Dr. Norberto Nigro

Our History

2003- Business Incubator

In December 2003, the Business Incubator was launched ― a joint effort and work by PTLC and S.A.P.E.M.’s members and management team.

Our History

2004- Pre-incubation sector

By mid-2004, PTLC-S.A.P.E.M further developed resources ― such as IT equipment, phone landline, security and internet connection ― to enhance the services provided to entrepreneurs. In this same year, the Business and Ideas Pre-incubation sector was launched.

Our History

2007- Pre-established business sector

In 2007, CONICET and PTLC-S.A.P.E.M. entered into an agreement to launch the pre-established business sector, an area that features modular building structures aimed at venture companies. The official opening of this new sector took place on August 14th, 2007.

The society

PTLC partnership

Parque Tecnológico Litoral Centro (PTLC) is located in a plot of land donated by CONICET (the National Scientific and Technical Research Council) and it is run and managed by S.A.P.E.M., a public corporation in which the state is the major shareholder. It has a capital stock of 12,000 shares owned as follows: UNL-Universidad Nacional del Litoral and CONICET, which represent the science and technology sector, own 4,080 Class A shares; the state government of the province of Santa Fe and the local governments of the cities of Santa Fe and Paraná in Entre Ríos, own 3,960 Class B shares; and Confederación General Económica-CGE (the Argentine General Economic Confederation) and Confederación General de la Industria-CGI ( the Argentine General Confederation of Industries), which represent the business sector, own 3,960 Class C: shares.

Class A
  • UNL- Universidad Nacional del Litoral (National University of Litoral)
Class B
  • Government of the Province of Santa Fe
  • Government of the city of Santa Fe
  • Government of the city of Paraná
Class C
  • Confederación General Económica (Argentine General Economic Confederation)
  • Confederación General de la Industria (Argentine General Confederation of Industries)

Boards of directors

Class A shares


  • Dr. Norberto Nigro

Permanent Directors

  • Dr. Javier Lottersberger
  • UNL
  • Lic. Ramiro N. Picasso

Acting Directors

  • Dr. Carlos Querini
  • Sebastián U. Rossin (Lawyer)
  • UNL
  • Lucía Brambilla (Lawyer)

Class C shares

2nd Deputy Chairman

  • Sr. Mario Alberto Derch
  • CGI

Permanent Directors

  • Guido F. Montes de Oca
  • EBT
  • Miguel Angel Peralta (Lawyer)
  • CGE

Acting Directors

  • Gonzalo Slaboch
  • EBT
  • Oscar Blanco (Agricultural Engineer)
  • CGE
  • Dr. Amadeo Cellino
  • CGI

Class B shares

1st Deputy Chairman

  • Dra. Érica Hynes
  • Province of Santa Fe

Permanent Directors

  • Lic. Andrea Firpo
  • Government of the city of Paraná
  • Pablo Tabares (Accountant)
  • Government of the city of Santa Fe

Acting Directors

  • Ma. Soledad Alvarez (Accountant)
  • Province of Santa Fe
  • Lic. Francisco Mathieu
  • Government of the city of Paraná
  • Lic. Julio C. Tealdo
  • Government of the city of Santa Fe

Internal Auditors

Permanent Auditors

  • Ángel Enrique Rodriguez (Accountant)
  • Class A
  • Ma. Cecilia Risso (Lawyer)
  • Class B
  • Sr. Mariano Marini
  • Class C

Acting Auditors

  • Alejandro Roisentul Wuillams (Accountant)
  • Class A
  • Claudia Yaccuzzi (Lawyer)
  • Class B
  • Hernán López (Accountant)
  • Class C

Management team

General Manager

    • Eduardo Matozo

Direction of Administration and Management of Technological Funds

  • Verónica Godoy

Directorate of Infrastructure and Operations Management

  • Eduardo Moreira

Business Incubation Directorate

  • Rubén Malizia

Coordination of Institutional Relations area and management 

  • Lucila Lazzaroni

Communication Area Coordination

  • Luciana Lacava

Technological Fund Management Coordination

  • Sabina Metrailler

Coordination of Secretary and Legal Affairs

  • Antonella Minen