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Our business development model offers entrepreneurs and businesspeople different options according to the development stage their business or idea is in.

Business Development Model



The pre-incubation sector is ideal for newborn and fledgling projects that require infrastructure and qualified staff to help with the business plan formulation and the completion of a prototype. // Services: // Modular office space with IT equipment and phone service // Multimedia conference room // Financial, legal and accounting expert advice



The incubation sector is perfect for newly-formed businesses that are ready to enter the market. We provide support for the development of new ventures for 24 months, or for a longer period to be agreed between the parties. // Services // Bespoke modular office space // Multimedia conference room // Financial, legal and accounting expert advice // 45 square-meter laboratories that feature sinks with a special drain system for difficult liquids // 36 square-meter rooms with PC terminals



The pre-established business sector features physical and building infrastructure where entrepreneurs can build the facilities that best serve the economic and functional needs of their projects. There is also an office building with office units specially aimed at businesses with reduced space requirements, such as ICT Companies. // Services // 100 square-meter modular office space // Possibility to build auxiliary units outside the modular office space // Multimedia conference room // Financial, legal and accounting expert advice



In the established-business sector, companies with a consolidated position in the market have access to facilities, tax relief schemes and expert advice services; and benefit from a scientific, educational, technological and corporate shared environment. // Services // 30-year concession to use the land // Tax relief scheme // Financial, legal and accounting expert advice // Scientific and technological environment // Private Security // High level of confidentiality



The consolidated companies have spaces with tax benefits, consulting services and the advantages of the scientific-technological, educational and entrepreneurial environment.

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