PuntoSIM – Sistemas Integrados y Móviles

PuntoSIM joined the PTLC Business Incubation program in March 2010 and was an incubatee until March 2017. After moving to its next stage of development, it currently sets up in the ICTs Office Building at the pre-established business sector.

It specializes in ICTs, and its entrepreneurial team of IT professionals develop technology solutions to improve companies’ productivity.

Among such solutions, we can highlight:

PuntoSIM Gestión – Comprehensive Management System

PuntoSIM Gestión is a comprehensive management system that systematically and fully controls the whole of the company’s administrative and productive processes, thus giving it the chance to implement better management practices.

PuntoSIM Ventas Móvil – Pre-sale Mobile System

Integrated system for taking orders, handling payment collection and route planning. This application ― exclusively developed with free open source technology ― is perfectly integrated with PuntoSIM Gestión, thus enabling you to effectively import orders for invoicing purposes.

PuntoSIM SMCM – Mobile Driving Offence Tracking System

Mobile system that enables city halls to control and follow up on driving offences in situ and in real time.

* Online information records;

* Work methodology standardization;

* Geo-referencing;

* Traffic ticket printing.

PuntoSIM Medidores – Mobile Meter Reading System

Mobile system to collect utility service (water, gas, electricity, etc.) meters data. It allows you to see the data broken down by domicile, last reading, etc., and to confirm and validate its accuracy (excessive consumption, lower reading than the last reading, etc.).