PPST Argentina

PPST Argentina joined the PTLC Business Incubation program in June 2017.

It specializes in ICTs, and its entrepreneurial team is made up of IT professionals.

PPST Argentina is a local branch of PPST INC ― its parent company located in California, USA ― whose aim is to open a Technology and Product Development Centre in Santa Fe to work on a project called “Development of a programmable bidirectional power supply” in order to design a modular, high-power density, programmable bidirectional power supply.

This converter can process power in both directions, which means that the power supply can both absorb and deliver power. This feature is essential to (solar, wind power, etc.) renewable energy converters such as electric vehicles and energy-efficient electronic products (LEDs lights, air conditioning equipment, SMART TV, etc.), for which demand has increased much lately.

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    PPST Argentina
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