Precission S.R.L. specializes in ICTs and set up in the PTLC Office Building in September 2018.

Its project called “Ship Structure Assessment and 3-D Modelling based on the Analysis of Thickness Values” has found a niche in the market by detecting and filling the need of better ship structure assessment reports through the use of new technologies.

Its entrepreneurial team of IT professionals aims at developing a tool that makes a predictive analysis of the structure performance and generates a 3-D model of the ship and its parts based on the measurements recorded during the assessment process, thus adding value to such process.

The goal of the project is to develop a technological solution that combines mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) with management information systems and measuring devices, and has the capacity to process large amounts of data in order to assess ships’ structure; that provides online information aimed at all the interested parties, namely owners, service providers, certifying agencies and shipyards; and that is able to handle different assessment report formats used by certifying agencies.