Nanotek S.A.

The entrepreneurial team entered the PTLC Business Incubator in July 2019, focusing on nanotechnology. The entrepreneurial group working at PTLC is comprised of a Chemical Engineer, a Chemistry graduate, and a Biotechnology graduate. They have expertise in nanoparticle synthesis, characterization, and biological effects testing, including standardized assays on the impact of their products on bacteria. The company has a commercial area in Buenos Aires and an R&D area at PTLC in Santa Fe.

They analyze the synthesis of various types of nanoparticles, each with different activities, to optimize these syntheses from a chemical perspective and conduct pilot-scale formulations. Nanotechnology is presented as an alternative to add significant value to existing products and processes and to create new ones with innovative features.

Nanotek’s objective is to assist its clients in developing new market segments for their products through the use of nanotechnology.