The “Civil Association CLUSTER TIC Santa Fe” was established with the aim of aligning the individual efforts of its member companies to achieve greater competitiveness both individually and collectively. The goal is to gain recognition as a regional benchmark in the information and communication technology sector, improving the sustainability of each firm through collaborative work to consolidate more competitive companies, all interested in the region’s growth.


Promote Associativity and Close Collaboration Among Members: Member companies believe in associativity as a way to enhance individual strengths and mitigate or overcome weaknesses.

Design, Develop, and Strengthen the Group’s Image as Producers of Software and Related Services: Member companies understand the need to externally standardize the image of the group while maintaining the distinctive qualities of each internally.

Develop and Strengthen Interinstitutional Networks: The formation of this group is based on the recognition that collaborative work allows for greater growth and generates synergies. Therefore, the objective is to work on developing networks based on the win-win concept.

Enable the Internationalization of Products and Services of Member Companies: The associative group sees exposure to international competition as a driving force for the development of a competitive and modern industry, vital characteristics for the Information and Communication Technology sector.

Undertake Recruitment and Training Activities for Human Resources: In sectors focused on value addition, such as information and communication technologies, the quality of human capital involved in production processes is crucial. Therefore, CLUSTER TIC Santa Fe proposes and participates in training for the personnel of member companies. Additionally, the need to hire new personnel to improve and diversify offerings raises concerns about the academic offerings in the region, for which collaboration with higher education institutions is pursued.