The industrial establishment is the last stage as regards the entrepreneurial model development in the Technology Park. The 31 ha. site belongs to CONICET and the 25% of the land is managed by the Park Corporation and granted to the companies by means of a cession contract for 30 years.
The entrepreneurs established in the Technology Park receive tax benefits; legal, accounting and finantial advice from especialists and all the  advantages of the scientific and productive environment.
The Technology Park guarantees a prívate security system to protect the companies´ properties  and confidentiality as regards the entrepreneurship´s know how.
Among the Park´s policy there is a building regulation so as to keep architecture in accordance to nature and provide entrepreneurs at any stage of the project development an excellent environment.


Manager: Dr. Amadeo Cellino
Phone: +54 (342) 4511546/7 - Extension 1402