This area´s objective is to foster the design of business plans from those project ideas previously selected. To accomplish this mission, a member of the management team provides advice to entrepreneurs for the development and design of their business plans.

This system promotes the start up of new technological entrepreneurships and its goal is to maintain a permanent pre-incubation platform so as to supply the Technology Park Business Incubator and others that would be established in the region with them.

The Technology Park Pre-incubation system provides entrepreneurs with workstations (desks provided with computers connected to internet), and everything necessary to the development of their activities (multimedia meeting room, photocopy and fax, printers, among others) as well as technical, legal, financial and intellectual property advice.

To enter into the pre-incubation system it should be send the PTLC S.A.P.E.M. Administration (National Route 168 – Place: El Pozo – 3000 Santa Fe) the application form A: Personal Data and the application form B: Business Idea. Both of them can be found bellow with a guide to fulfil them.
Any worries about business ideas do not hesitate to come to the Technology Park, call Prof. Amadeo Cellino up or send him an e-mail.

Contact: Amadeo A. Cellino
Phone: +54 (342) 4511546/7 - Extension 1402