The Parque Tecnológico del Litoral Centro (PTLC) is managed by a Corporation where the National, State and Local governments own the majority of shares (Sociedad Anónima con Participación Estatal Mayoritaria -S.A.P.E.M.-). Its capital is integrated by 12,000 shares and the shareholders are: the Scientific sector (Shares class A) owning 4,080 shares, it is formed by the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas -CONICET- and the Universidad Nacional del Litoral -U.N.L.-; the Governmental sector (Shares class B) formed by the Government of Santa Fe Province; Municipalities of Santa Fe city and of Paraná city –Capital of Entre Ríos Province- owning 3,960 shares; and the Entrepreneurial sector (Shares class C) formed by the Confederación General Económica de la República Argentina (CGE) and Confederación General de la Industria de la República Argentina (CGI) owning 3.960 shares. The statute of the Corporation provides a Board of nine Directors, each class of shares is a group of shareholders which can appoint three members as well as three alternate ones. There is also a Supervisory Commission (Sindicatura) to supervise the activities of the company. Each group of shareholders appoints one member and an alternate one.



Shares Class A

- Dr. Enrique Mammarella (CONICET - U.N.L.)

- Ing. Eduardo Matozo. (U.N.L.)
- Dr. Alberto Cardona. (U.N.L. - CONICET)

Alternate Directors: 
- Dr. Adrián Bonivardi (U.N.L. - CONICET)

- Lic. Julio Tealdo (U.N.L.)
- Horacio Leone (F.R.S.F. de la UTN - CONICET)

Shares Class B
1st. Vice Chairman:
- Ing. David Asteggiano (Provincia de Santa Fe)

- Sra. Betiana Medina (Municipalidad de Paraná)
- C.P.N. Pablo Tabares (Municipalidad de Santa Fe)
Alternate Directors: 
- Lic. Juan J. Sarasola (Provincia de Santa Fe)
- Dra. María Victoria Molina (Municipalidad de Paraná)
- CPN Sebastián Fumis (Municipalidad de Santa Fe)

Shares Class C
2nd. Vice Chairman:
- Sr. Mario Alberto Derch (CGI)

- Ing. Carlos Dupetit (EBT)
- Sr. Guillermo Gómez Galizia (CGE)

Alternate Directors: 
- C.P.N. Ruben Zurbriggen (EBT)
- Sr. Hernán Alberto Pini (CGI)
- Sr. Rafael Alfredo Alvarez Toledo (CGE)




- C.P.N. Alejandro Roisentul Wuilliams (Clase A)
- C.P. Gustavo Evangelisti (Clase B)
- C.P.N. Santiago García (Clase C)


Alternate members
- Dr. Hugo Carcavallo (Clase A)
- Dr. Hernán Gálvez (Clase B)
- Dr. Aldo Omar San Pedro (Clase C)