The Business Incubator (BI) is an environment specially prepared for startups and entrepreneurs to grow their business initiatives. 

The BI provides resources in a modular physical space for rent according to each company´s needs. The building provides lab and office spaces properly equipped with the following common services:

- broadband connectivity

- telephone connections and serviced switchboard

- 24 hour access

- site security

- cleaning service

- reception service

- use of communal meeting areas

- use of shared kitchen facilities

- excellent conference meeting room facilities

- an extensive range of bureau services.

- reducing, in this way, the companies´fixed expenses.

Incubation terms: the incubation period lasts two years. The entrepreneur can apply for an additional year with the agreement of the board of Directors.
Advice: Entrepreneurs receive legal, accounting and financial  advice from specialists on the subject.
Confidentiality: The Technology Park guarantees that the project ideas at any stage of development  are confidential.
Project presentation: Entrepreneurs must present the new application forms at the Administration office. To complete the application forms read carefully the guide bellow.

Manager: Dr. Amadeo Cellino
Phone: +54 (342) 4511546/7 – Extension 1402